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Designed for PC builders who want a sleek, custom looking case with great airflow and a crystal clear tempered glass panel – the Versa J25 is the ultimate mid-tower. The J25 comes equipped with one exhaust fan, so you can customize the cooling system as you need, it supports a huge range of air and liquid cooling hardware, high-end GPUs and even a handy PSU shroud in the basement.
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Power: 750 V; Form factor: ATX; Power MB/CPU: 24 pin; PCI-E 8pin: 4 pcs;
SKU: CA-1E3-00M1WN-03
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Destination: game; Enclosure type: Mid Tower; Form factor: ATX, mini-ITX, micro-ATX; Dimensions (HxWxD): 497 x 250 x 515; Case color: black; Compartments 5,25": 2 pcs; Internal compartments 3,5": 3 pcs; Optional: transparent side panel;
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Power: 500 V; Form factor: ATX; Number of ventilators: 1; Efficiency: 86 %; Standard EPS 12V v.: 2.92; Adjusting fan speed: exists; Power MB/CPU: 24+8 pin; SATA: 5 pcs; PCI-E 8pin: 2 pcs;
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UX200 ARGB Lighting CPU Cooler comes with the high air flow blades and U-shape copper heatpipes. Built-in ARGB LEDs delivers a vibrant lighting effect that also supports motherboard sync. Compatible with universal Intel and AMD socket.
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