tts Kitt the Learning Companion

SKU: IT10363
Technical characteristics tts Kitt the Learning Companion:
Main features
Full list of features
Type programmable robot
Type programmable robot
Connection USB
Equipment SD card 8 GB
Additionally Ability to make audio recordings of messages
Photo and video shooting
Warranty 12 months
Package dimensions
Width 180 mm
Height 130 mm
Length 170 mm
Weight 0.54 kg
Volume 0.0040 m3
Kitt is a versatile, cross-curricular companion robot for the classroom. Kitt enables learners to work independently, engaging with the robot to gather evidence of progress. Teachers can differentiate effectively using Kitt by personalising the resources on each device.
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Робот tts Kitt the Learning Companion
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Робот tts Kitt the Learning Companion
Inclusivity and accessibility is at the heart of Kitt’s design. Teachers are able to customise each Kitt to the needs of his user through, adjustment of volume and brightness, full control of haptic feedback and utilisation of voice prompts. Kitt includes a braille cell on the centre button for ease of use. Kitt behaves like a Flash memory stick. When connected to a computer, either via USB cable (provided) or docking station, teachers can drag and drop audio, video and image files directly onto the robot. These can then be viewed and/or listen too, using the controls on Kitt’s tummy.

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