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Promotion period: from 01.04.2023 to 30.06.2023

It is a good opportunity to earn money and bring a product or service to a modern level for customers and users. In addition, you can get additional bonuses for this.

What needs to be done: sell a very necessary product to almost everyone - Microsoft Office - electronic key or boxed version as much as possible.

Very simple conditions: sell from 10 and up to 200 Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 (FPP boxed version / ESD e-key), Office Professional 2021 (ESD e-key) or Microsoft 365 Business Standard (ESD e-key) program products and increase profit in the form of a bonus of 7 units for each “office" (according to the exchange rate in UAH).

Additional opportunity: Under this program, no more than 200 promotional Microsoft Office software products are bonused. If luck and power are with you and more than 200 "offices" are sold, direct the remaining 200 to another parallel program for the promotion of Microsoft Office, Office Attach, and get the opportunity to receive a considerable bonus for it.

However, two programs are not applied to the same office at the same time - either one or the other program per office.

Tip: if you professionally sell laptops or PCs with pre-installed Windows Pro OS, it is more profitable to direct the sale of offices to another promotion program. There are fewer restrictions on the number and the bonus is almost twice as large! Here is the secret link to the more profitable Office Attach program.

And one more tip: does anyone use a laptop or PC without Microsoft Office? Probably, no. The only task is to offer it on time! And the main thing is that it is completely legal and with many advantages for the user to have a licensed software product.

As a Microsoft Office software product, choose items from the list:


Microsoft Office Pro 2021 ESD copy, electronic key


Microsoft 365 Business Standard Software copy, 1 year, ESD, electronic key


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 ESD software copy, electronic key


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 English CEE Only Medialess software


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 Russian CEE Only Medialess software


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 Ukrainian CEE Only Medialess software

*Note: Please note that this program does not extend to partners with Managed Retailers (Rozetka, Moyo, Comfy, Foxtrot, Eldorado)

The distributor reserves the right to unilaterally change the promotion terms and conditions, to prematurely terminate or suspend the promotion.

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