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Makita Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of power tools, forestry and gardening tools, cordless tools with lithium-ion batteries that are powerful, convenient and easy to use, easy to maintain and without harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Learn more

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Makita Corporation was founded in 1915 in Japan, and in 2003 opened a representative office in Ukraine. Makita Corporation manufactures are located in 8 countries: Japan, the United States of America, Brazil, Thailand, China, Great Britain, Germany, Romania. For the conditions of Ukraine, a range of more than 1000 models of instruments that meet national standards and have the necessary certificates has been selected. Makita tools are high quality and reliability. These are complex, high-tech products that must be provided with service and warranty service.


The company "Makita Ukraine" LLC are official supplier of products to Ukraine and has the necessary components to provide service, and additional equipment for tools.


Officially imported products are accompanied by a warranty card with high protection technology, this is a guarantee that the tool will be provided with service and warranty service.

Vendors catalogue
Vendors catalogue
SKU: P-70415
399 UAH*
in stock
Makita was founded in 1915 in Japan. Today the company is one of the world's key manufacturers of professional electric and hand tools, accessories and consumables. The manufacturer always tries to provide its customers with the best possible offer of the required tool at a balance of innovation, quality and price. Makita's anti-static hoover couplings are high-quality consumables for professional use, made from the finest materials, reliable and durable.
SKU: D-40602
555 UAH*
in stock
Makita consumables are high-quality accessories for professional use. The basic series of drills manufactured in China. Designed for drilling in brick, concrete, etc. With two carbide-tipped cutting edges. Optimised spiral for quick dust extraction from the hole.
SKU: 632F07-0
3389 UAH*
in stock
Features the Makita 632F07-0 for a range of all 18 V cordless tools. 40% less weight, 180% more capacity. Chargeable in any state (discharged, semi-discharged). No memory effect, high resistance to shock loads. Minimal self-discharge, even when not in use. Environmentally friendly batteries with intelligent Makstar charging technology.
SKU: 369224070
99 UAH*
in stock
Type: line; Qty: 1 pcs; Length: 15 m
SKU: M9800
4444 UAH*
in stock
Multitool Makita M9800 allows you to perform various types of work. The presence of a powerful motor allows you to extend the life of the tool.
SKU: 198077-8
17400 UAH*
in stock
This set is suitable for use with Makita tools. Batteries have a shock-resistant case and charge level indication.
SKU: 197952-5
9500 UAH*
in stock
This set is suitable for use with Makita tools. Batteries have a shock-resistant case and charge level indication.
SKU: 197504-2
15900 UAH*
in stock
The Makita 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion battery charges faster and works longer than standard lithium-ion batteries, giving you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications.
SKU: 821551-8
1980 UAH*
in stock
Makita's new MakPac cases are the perfect solution for storing and transporting tools.
SKU: M8100
3193 UAH*
in stock
The Makita M8100 impact drill is a professional tool for impact drilling, drilling and screwdriving.
SKU: M2402
11311 UAH*
in stock
Efficient and durable portable cord saw equipped with an abrasive saw blade for precise metal cutting.
SKU: HS6601
7457 UAH*
in stock
Makita’s HS6601 165mm Circular Saw is well designed, compact and lightweight. Fitted with a 1,050W motor and 165mm diameter blade, it gives you an impressive maximum depth of cut of 54.5mm.
8400 UAH*
in stock
The 12V Max Ratchet Wrench, WR100DZ provides 47.5Nm of max fastening torque in a compact size, ideal for mechanics and those working in and amongst tight spaces. Standard with interchangeable 1/4” and 3/8” socket adaptors to suit the task at hand, the WR100D is equipped with a lock-pin style ratchet mechanism enabling use as a pass-through ratchet wrench to tighten 13mm nuts. This tool can also be used as a hand ratchet wrench with an ergonomic grip for more comfort and control!
4971 UAH*
in stock
Makita DTW190Z is an entry level 18V cordless impact wrench with a 1/2 inch square drive and an optimal tightening torque of 190 N.m. Equipped with Battery protection circuit which is designed to protect the battery from damages due to over discharge, high temperature or overload current.
SKU: 6906
25105 UAH*
in stock
Makita 6906 9 Amp 3/4-in Impact Wrench has a 9 AMP motor and 433 ft.lbs. of Max Torque for industrial applications like automotive or stubborn/stuck bolts. The 6906 has precision gearing plus ball and needle bearing construction for smooth and efficient power transmission. The rocker switch is designed for quickly switching from forward to reverse.
SKU: UH4861
6999 UAH*
in stock
Electric Hedge Trimmer Makita UH4861. Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolyzed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating.
SKU: JR3061T
10971 UAH*
in stock
Type: handle; Type: reciprocating; Engine power: 1250 V; Weight: 3.8 kg.
SKU: 600984000
3199 UAH*
in stock
Type: Drill-screwdriver; Type of cartridge: keyless; Key features: reverse, backlight, Battery charge level indicator, Ultra-M Technology;
SKU: M9203
3086 UAH*
in stock
Finishing sander with low running noise and good vibration damping. Good handling thanks to chassis design and rubber coatings. Powerful 190 W motor.
SKU: 831278-2
1378 UAH*
in stock
Type: tool box; Material: fabric;
4818 UAH*
in stock
Type: compressor; Manometer: digital; Arrangement of manometer: on case; Power supply: Li-Ion battery;
4460 UAH*
in stock
Type: blower; Power supply: rechargeable battery; Volume of air: 2.6;
SKU: B-11994
399 UAH*
in stock
Type: drills; Number of items in set: 5 pcs; .
SKU: HP0300
3399 UAH*
in stock
Type: impact screwdriver; Type of cartridge: keyless; Key features: rotary speed control, Ergonomic handle, guarded lock button for continuous use, mode for drilling in masonry is available;


New items
В рамках розширення широкого асортименту бездротової лінійки пристроїв LXT, компанія Makita оголосила про випуск бездротового термобокса DCW180Z 18В. Цей новий пристрій ідеально підходить для збереження їжі та напоїв прохолодними...
Друга фаза відзначилась новими зонами та стендами. Однією з нових зон є – зона інструментів та техніки для дому та саду, яка представлена близько 20-ма брендами. Декілька із них, привернули нашу увагу найбільше.
Пилососи еволюціонували від невеличкої «бандури» на коліщатках до мийних пилососів, пристроїв ручного типу вагою пару кілограмів і, нарешті, до роботів-пилососів. І ось з’явився революційний продукт – пилосос ранцевого типу.
Для заготівлі й обробки деревини в асортименті бренда Makita є різноманітні інструменти, з-поміж яких – високопродуктивні ланцюгові пилки.
Власний будинок із присадибною ділянкою, крім радості життя на свіжому повітрі, передбачає велику кількість турбот упродовж цілого року. Весна – пробудження природи, час обрізання дерев і чагарників. Потрібно привести до ладу сад....
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