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For whom: for girls, for boys; Type of toy: sorting game; Category of development: visual perception, memory;
SKU: 56756G
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Type: Kids; Kind: Magnetic game; Age group: from 3 years;
SKU: 61893G
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Type: Ratchet; Gender: boy, girl; Theme: music; Age group: 3+; Material: wood;
SKU: 58683G
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Stacking couldn't be more fun! The 18 cute goki penguins offer almost infinite stacking possibilities. They feature a sophisticated body design that is unobtrusive yet highly efficient, making the craziest penguin pyramids possible. Material: wood, naturally.
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Who will be the first to complete his own picture? This dice game trains the correct matching of colours.
SKU: 58762G
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For whom: for girls, for boys, for the whole family; Type of toy: developing game; Category of development: finger motility, accuracy, logical thinking, perseverance;
SKU: 56806G
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For whom: for girls, for boys, for the whole family; Type of toy: memo game; Category of development: logical thinking, memory, perseverance, concentration of attention;
SKU: 58572G
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For whom: for girls, for boys; Type of toy: threading game; Category of development: finger motility, fine motor skill, logical thinking, visual perception, sound perception, concentration of attention;
SKU: 57876G
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Type: lift-out puzzle ; Age group: 2 years and up; Gender: girl, boy; Theme: teaching, colors;
SKU: 57875G
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Count from 1 to 10 using your fingers. Bright colours and numbers make it easy.
SKU: 56869G
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Who finds more of the matching pairs? You need a good memory. At the same time you can learn about the animals and plants of the forest.
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Half of the animal is missing. There are 16 animals and two halves form a pair. Each player tries to match as many pairs as possible.
SKU: 56732G
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Learn the alphabet by playing, matching the picture to a letter of the alphabet.
SKU: 56719G
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For whom: for girls, for boys; Type of toy: developing game, memo game; Category of development: finger motility, logical thinking, concentration of attention;
SKU: 56818G
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Playing, learning and having fun – all no problem with this irresistible memo game. The right coat must be found for each animal. If both cards are lying one above the other, there is no doubt that a correct pair has been uncovered! The loving, child-friendly illustrations offer high playing appeal. Card size: 5 x 7.5 cm, 16 pieces.
SKU: 57486G
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A puzzle for the little ones. The aim is to recognize the different butterfly sizes and to put them into the moulds accordingly.
SKU: 56941G
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Type: Kids; Kind: Teaching; Theme: Animals; Purpose: For the whole family; Age group: from 4 years; Number of players: from 2 to 4; Material: wood.
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The lobster clatters happily with his pincers while following the children.
SKU: 50962G-4
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Type: Finger puppet; Gender: boy, girl; Theme: animals; Age group: 3+; Material: plush; Color: brown; Weight: 0.008 kg
SKU: 51575G
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Fully functioning! With scanner, calculator function, credit card, paper till roll and real display.
SKU: 60865G
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However you put the caterpillar together it always looks good. Choose from the included numbers (1 to 9) accordingly and decorate caterpillar Camila with tea lights.
SKU: 55964G
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Choose the right one from a variety of vehicles, all made of solid wood with real rubber tyres.
SKU: 51555G
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"Shaggy" Klabauter as a glove puppet is the playmate for all children. They can talk properly with Klabauter. Material: high-quality plush
SKU: 15345G-22
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Kind: Paint/Pigment; Type: Stamp pad; Number of colors: 1 pcs; Age: 3+; Gender: boy, girl; Category development: creative development; Material: plastic; Colour: brown; Weight: 11 g
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