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Makeblock is a global provider of STEAM educational solutions. Makeblock offers high-quality hardware, software, teaching aids, and top-notch robotics competitions to achieve a deep integration of technology and education. The main slogan of the company is to help more people enjoy creativity while having fun. The mission of the company is to create high-quality and valuable products to help people turn their ideas into reality and take education to the next level. Learn more

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Makeblock is a global provider of STEAM educational solutions. Makeblock offers high-quality hardware, software, teaching aids, and top-notch robotics competitions to achieve a deep integration of technology and education.


Makeblock's mission is to help children who enjoy creativity and entertainment around the world better prepare for the digital age and learn STEM through play by providing them with the best series of products to realize their engineering goals and easy programming. Makeblock helps children learn how to practically use different technical devices so that they do not fear problems in the future and grow up to be socially responsible individuals with critical thinking skills.



Makeblock offers a wide range of hardware products, including the Maker Space platform for building DIY technology devices, the mBot series robot kits for education, the Neuron and mBuild programmable electronic building block platform, and the Codey Rocky and mTiny edutainment robots.


The company's product range also includes xTool machines, which allow you to design and create parts and mechanical components from almost any material.



Makeblock has developed a series of STEAM education software solutions. The easy-to-use Makeblock software makes coding interactive, easy and fun.


mBlock 5 is a powerful platform that supports block (Scratch) and text (Python, Arduino IDE) programming and all the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data manipulation, cloud services and many others.


Makeblock app is an all-in-one application for controlling and programming Makeblock robots that offers a complete robotics experience for beginners.


Neuron app is software for learning flow programming with Makeblock Neuron blocks.


To date, the total number of Makeblock software users has exceeded 15 million and continues to grow.

Educational resources


Makeblock provides users with high-quality content for entertainment, self-study, and educational use. Multilingual tutorials, training videos and a variety of new and interesting use cases will help you get started with the products and quickly implement them in your training.

Robotics competition


MakeX is a robotics competition platform that promotes multi-disciplinary learning in science and engineering, which aims to inspire young people to study science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics and apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems by engaging them in exciting competitions.

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SKU: P5010130
15582 UAH*
in stock
Working in combination with Laserbox and Xtool D1, the rotary engraving module allows you to engrave cylindrical materials of diameters 3mm to 70 mm. It can be used to process all kinds of cylindrical materials based on your own design.
SKU: P1090038
79854 UAH*
in stock
MakeX Explorer Educational Competition Kit has everything that needed for one team to participate in 2022 MakeX Explorer Competition.
SKU: P1090043
29952 UAH*
in stock
The 2022 MakeX Starter Add-on Pack fits mBot2 and these two products together make the 2022 MakeX Starter Educational Competition Kit. It's suitable for those who already have an mBot2 or those who want to customized their kit for the 2022 MakeX Starter competition.
SKU: P1090044
23286 UAH*
in stock
This includes all the materials necessary for setting up a arena in 2022 MakeX Starter. This kit does not include a frame. If you want to save money by making your own frame, only want to use the arena for practice, or have already purchased a MakeX starter frame for the 2020 or 2021 season, then we recommend you to purchase this kit for practice or arena upgrades.
SKU: P1090041
40962 UAH*
in stock
The 2022 MakeX Starter Educational Competition Kit covers cutting-edge knowledge in engineering, data science, AI, and IoT. It is suitable for classroom teaching, student club activities, and multi-task and creative robotics competitions.
SKU: P1030137
12960 UAH*
in stock
CyberPi AI & IoT Spark Kit features CyberPi and a wide range of sensors and creative hardware designed specially for teaching and competition in AIoT and Python. The kit consists of a series of mBuild modules, electronic parts, and structural parts, meeting the needs of teachers and makers who use hardware for DIY projects. It can be used with the mBuild Creative Practice Expansion Kit to extend functionality for innovative technologies, programming popularization and competitions.
SKU: P1090032
22344 UAH*
in stock
Type: competition set;
SKU: P1030157
21894 UAH*
in stock
The mTiny Discover Kit is based on the 3-6 year olds' learning and development guide and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory. The kit integrates diversified knowledge, enriches children's learning experience in games, pioneers point-and-click physical programming, stimulates children's interest in active exploration and self-directed learning, and exercises children's ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. The entire set of early childhood education solutions is designed to cultivate children's creative and integrative thinking and develop their lifelong learning abilities.
SKU: P1010132
14286 UAH*
in stock
Type: robot-constructor; Color: blue, black, gray
SKU: P5010083
4998 UAH*
in stock
CyberPi Innovation Add-on Pack, specially designed for AIoT and Python education and robot competitions, comes with CyberPi and various sensors and hardware components. The pack includes mBuild modules and electronic components, meeting the additional needs of students or teachers for sensors while they're learning computer science and technology.
SKU: P1030036
21354 UAH*
in stock
The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new-generation Makeblock product that comes with a variety of programmable electronic blocks. It includes 12 electronic blocks (sound sensor, light sensor, smart power, temperature sensor, etc) and 4 craft materials packs. Using these materials, children can quickly build up five different items, like a car or a piano. What’s even better is that children can code the items to do incredible things using multiple programming languages, like flow-based code, Scratch or Swift. And bundled with game-based tutorials, the Neuron Explorer Kit helps users to explore the world of code in a fun way.
SKU: P1100021
7224 UAH*
in stock
Type: competition set;
SKU: P1090027
20310 UAH*
in stock
Type: competition set;
SKU: P1030069
11730 UAH*
in stock
Type: programmable robot; Color: white
SKU: P1020006
23004 UAH*
in stock
AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack comes with 13 mBuild's electronic modules and 9 accessories packs, including Speaker, Motor, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Fan, Ranging Sensor, PIR Sensor, Dual RGB Sensor, Angle Sensor, Extend Block and Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
SKU: P3030001
1146 UAH*
in stock
Type: Line sensor;
SKU: 01.10.01
1644 UAH*
in stock
Type: Ultrasonic sensor;
SKU: 01.10.28
696 UAH*
in stock
Type: Gas sensor;
SKU: 01.10.40
324 UAH*
in stock
Type: Rotation sensor;
SKU: P1030049
17124 UAH*
in stock
Type: Smart construction set; Package Contents: Sound Sensor, Power supply module, USB cable, Buzzer, Wire, Touch unit, Ukele Cardboard set, Cloud lantern Cardboard set, 4 x Conductive textile for drum set, quick start guide, LED panel, Distance sensor, Switch, Sword Cardboard set, Space clock Cardboard set, Conductive textile for bracelets, LED strip drivers, 4 × plastic tubes, Textile fasteners, 8 × instruction cards, LED strip, Xylophone Cardboard set, Plastic tube cover, Magic drum Cardboard set, Makeblock warranty card;
SKU: P1020005
25602 UAH*
in stock
AI & IoT Scientist Add-on Pack contains 18 mBuild electronic modules and 7 accessory packs, including Speaker, Motor, Servo, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Water Pump, Ranging Sensor, Slider, Light Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Joystick, Temperature Sensor, MQ2 Gas Sensor, Humiture Sensor, Flame Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Extend Module, and Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
SKU: P3090003
942 UAH*
in stock
Type: Rechargeable battery; Compatibility: mBot;
SKU: P1030065
4710 UAH*
in stock
Type: computer;
SKU: P1020002
5364 UAH*
in stock
Type: Set for expansion; Compatibility: mBot Ranger, mBot; Package Contents: 92 parts;


New items
Довгоочікувана поставка Makeblock з новинками та дефіцитними позиціями вже на складі!
Раді повідомити, що чергова поставка навчальних роботів Makeblock вже на складі ERC разом із оновленим роботом mBot S!
Раді повідомити, що чергова поставка навчальних роботів Makeblock вже на складі ERC разом із абсолютно новими моделями!
Раді повідомити про появу у продажі принципово нової серії конструкторів від Makeblock – Neuron (код товару P1030001).
Раді повідомити про цікаве поповнення ультрасучасним портативним комп’ютером CyberPi, що призначений для навчання та вивчення AIoT та Python. Даний програмований мікрокомп’ютер ідеально підходить для технологічних напрямів освіти,...
Нова українська школа (НУШ) – це школа, до якої учням приємно ходити. Тут прислухаються до їхньої думки, вчать критично мислити, не боятися висловлюватися та бути відповідальними громадянами.
В останній день виставки СEE та CEE Games 2019 компанія-розробник STEAM-конструкторів Makeblock вперше цього року провела національне змагання з робототехніки – Make X Starter Ukraine! Крім коштовних призів, учасники турніру змагались...
На початку весни компанія Makeblock, світовий лідер у сфері робототехніки та STEAM освіти, повідомила про здобуття одразу двох нагород Red Dot Design Awards у категорії продуктовий дизайн серед більш, ніж 5500 учасників. Нагороди удостоїлися...
Для вдосконалення навчального процесу Міністерством освіти і науки України було поступово запроваджено нову реформу, що має назву Нова українська школа, головна мета якої – створити середовище, у якому буде приємно навчатись і яке...
Makeblock продовжує дивувати дітей і дорослих цікавими та сучасними комплектами для розвитку творчих і технологічних здібностей. На черзі оновлення однієї з найпопулярніших лінійок наборів магнітних електронних блоків Neuron. Цьогоріч...
Однією з характерних особливостей продукції Makeblock є легке для засвоєн­ня та інтуїтивно зрозуміле ПЗ. Починаючи з 2018 року, все програмне забезпечення Makeblock повністю локалізоване українською мовою та не має аналогів на рин...
Найкращою мотивацією опанування STEAM-дисципліни є участь у змаганнях. Під час підготовки до змагань учні не тільки вивчають основи, а й шукають додаткову інформацію, може надати перевагу. Вони викладаються по максимуму й генерують...
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