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The Chinese company Yeastar is engaged in the production of equipment for IP telephony, the development of software for unified communications, and also provides cloud PBX services. Learn more

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Among the equipment manufactured by the company, one can single out IP PBX and a wide range of gateways necessary for the integration of IP telephony and traditional telephony: these are gateways with FXO/FXS, E1 interfaces, as well as VoIP-GSM gateways that are especially popular with us. Yeastar also develops software PBXs that can be installed on customers' own servers or in data centers.


These PBXs support a wide range of functions and capabilities inherent in modern unified communications systems: call center functionality with a reporting system, integration with CRM systems, video conferencing and much more.


It should also be noted the presence of its own PBX software client Linkus, which can be installed on personal computers and smartphones, and allows you to easily connect to the PBX from anywhere, wherever the company's employee is, using all its capabilities.

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NeoGate TG400 is a compact 4 channels VoIP GSM gateway that connects GSM network with VoIP. It is the ideal product for small and medium-sized companies with heavy demands of calls to mobile networks. The cost-saving solution makes the connection cheaper and efficient.
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NeoGate TG800 is a powerful VoIP GSM gateway with 8 channels, bridging between GSM network and IP-based systems. Designed to slash the cost of telephone calls, it can find the cheapest route and use the most economical SIM card.
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SKU: P560
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Yeastar TG Series VoIP GSM Gateways connect GSM or WCDMA or 4G LTE to VoIP networks to provide two-way communication: GSM/3G/4G to VoIP and VoIP to GSM/3G/4G. This allows you to connect most IP-based telephone systems including Yeastar IP Phone Systems, and softswitches to a GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE.
6300 UAH*
NeoGate TG100 is a fully featured 1 port VoIP GSM gateway that provides GSM network connectivity for Yeaster S-Series PBX and IP PBX. It significantly reduces the costs of calls with two-way communication: VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP. With a friendly GUI, everything can be easily set up.


ERC – офіційний дистриб'ютор Yeastar, світового лідера у розробці й виробництві гібридних IP-АТС та VoIP-шлюзів для потреб малого та середнього бізнесу. Продуктовий портфель ERC поповниться лінійкою інноваційних продуктів та рішень...
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