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NeoGate TG400 is a compact 4 channels VoIP GSM gateway that connects GSM network with VoIP. It is the ideal product for small and medium-sized companies with heavy demands of calls to mobile networks. The cost-saving solution makes the connection cheaper and efficient.
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NeoGate TG800 is a powerful VoIP GSM gateway with 8 channels, bridging between GSM network and IP-based systems. Designed to slash the cost of telephone calls, it can find the cheapest route and use the most economical SIM card.
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Yeastar TG Series VoIP GSM Gateways connect GSM or WCDMA or 4G LTE to VoIP networks to provide two-way communication: GSM/3G/4G to VoIP and VoIP to GSM/3G/4G. This allows you to connect most IP-based telephone systems including Yeastar IP Phone Systems, and softswitches to a GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE.
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NeoGate TG100 is a fully featured 1 port VoIP GSM gateway that provides GSM network connectivity for Yeaster S-Series PBX and IP PBX. It significantly reduces the costs of calls with two-way communication: VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP. With a friendly GUI, everything can be easily set up.
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