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Games are great. There is no limit to how great they can be. SteelSeries mission: to give every player the opportunity to get the most out of their games and feel like the king of gaming. Learn more

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SteelSeries is an esports brand founded in Denmark in 2001 and has been creating innovative, cutting-edge devices to unleash the full potential of gaming.


With SteelSeries, cyberathletes have won the most prize money in the world. SteelSeries became the world's first peripheral brand to sponsor an esports event back in 2002. The brand not only sponsors professional players, but also provides qualified equipment specifically designed for teams and talented gamers used by the world's superstars. Together with the best gamers in the world, SteelSeries perfects its devices to be fully usable for gamers of all levels.


In the field of gaming peripherals, SteelSeries is the inventor of many products:

First gaming mouse (2001)

First gaming headset (2004)

First mechanical gaming keyboard (2006)

First high-definition audio system for gaming (2018)

First keyboard with built-in magnetic switches (2019)


SteelSeries perfectly combines professional quality with reliability and clean design. Every button, switch, material and key is designed with gamers in mind.


All products are designed to work like an extension of your body. SteelSeries designers carefully select materials to make the devices look great, engineers carefully check all the characteristics of the device so that it can be used both at home and in professional tournaments.

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SKU: 64642_SS
8999 UAH*
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SteelSeries Apex 7 is a reliable mechanical keyboard with lighting and a palm rest. Guaranteed up to 50 million clicks. The keyboard body is strong and stable.
SKU: 62593_SS
4499 UAH*
in stock
Type positioner: mouse; Connection type: wireless; Interface: Wireless; Sensor type: optic; Function: for games; Number of buttons: 5; Power: battery; Color: black Weight: 80 g
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