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The Teclast P30T is the first 10-inch Android tablet in the P series to get the latest version of Android 14. It happened thanks to cooperation with Chinese processor manufacturer Allwinner Technology, which was one of the first to customize its 8-core chipset Allwinner A523 for Android 14 and received Google's approval to install the new OS on devices built on this processor.
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The Teclast T60 is the flagship model that will see the light of day in November 2023. With its combination of specifications, price and screen size, the Teclast T60 has the potential to become a best-seller during the fall and winter of 2023.
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The Teclast T50 is a redesigned November 2023 model with an 11-inch 2K screen, Quadro sound, and powerful batteries with fast charging. The Teclast T50 tablet is part of Teclast's flagship line of Android tablets.
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Teclast T45HD model of the 4th quarter of 2023 with a screen diagonal of 10.51 inches with rounded corners and a thin 9mm frame. The tablet is made in an all-aluminum case using laser engraving technology. The back panel is dark gray and the frame around the screen is black. The surface of the back panel is matte, finished with a delicate sandblasting, so its surface does not collect fingerprints. Ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 7.5 mm and a weight of 505 grams makes the tablet very convenient to use and almost weightless in a backpack.
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The Teclast P40HD Tablet is a versatile and capable device that offers a range of features to enhance your digital experience. With its 10.1-inch display, it provides a comfortable and immersive platform for various activities, from browsing the internet to streaming media and working on documents.
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The Teclast M50 Pro Tablet offers a premium computing experience with its impressive features and specifications. With a 10.1-inch display, it provides ample screen real estate for your tasks, media consumption, and entertainment.
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Introducing the Teclast P85T: where innovation meets artistry. Crafted meticulously with a state-of-the-art metal body, this 8-inch marvel boasts a svelte 6 mm bezel, yet tips the scale at a mere 335g. Experience the future with its serene mint green shade, accentuated by a sophisticated metal sandblasting finish, revealing dynamic color transitions as you shift your perspective.
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