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Swivel Secure offer more than a traditional MFA. A wide range of authentication factors to choose from, and MFA integrated with Single Sign-On and Risk-based Authentication. The dynamic Multi-Factor Authentication platform provides users with a range of authenticators, from a mobile app to traditional hardware tokens, ensuring maximum adoption throughout the entire organisation. Learn more

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Swivel Secure - is an industry leader in authentication solutions. Founded in 2001, Swivel Secure protects thousands of organisations in over 54 countries. The award winning AuthControl Sentry® delivers multi-factor authentication (MFA), combined with single sign-on and risk-based authentication for intelligently securing cloud and on-premise architecture.


With over 20 patents in the UK, Europe and the USA, Swivel Secure's multi-factor authentication solution provides organisations with an award winning solution for protecting their applications and data from unauthorised access. Patented PINsafe® technology provides unparalleled security for organisations and as the security string framework is displayed in an extensive range of authentication factors, so maximum adoption can be achieved throughout the organisation.


AuthControl Sentry® is an intelligent and dynamic solution that can protect your organisation from cybersecurity threats wherever you are and whatever market your business operates in. From government, to global airlines and national health services, to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, Swivel Secure is a trusted and respected security organisation, preventing cybercrime with an intelligent authentication solution.


Intelligent authentication for securing cloud or on-premise architecture, AuthControl Sentry® is one of the most flexible solutions on the market, integrating with hundreds of applications and appliance software through RADIUS, SAML, OpenID and our own proprietary API - AgentXML.

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