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Top Tools
SKU: 32D301
178 UAH*
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Top Tools Circlip pliers, external, straight, range 12-25 mm, 150 mm 32D301.
SKU: 98Z027
128 UAH*
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The Top Tools multifunctional knife is a versatile tool with 13 various functions, including cutting, bottle opening, screw removal, and much more. This knife will come in handy in various situations and is designed to provide functionality and convenience in one tool. An indispensable companion for travel and everyday life.
SKU: 32D421
149 UAH*
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Turret punch Top Tools, 32D421 is designed for making identical holes in leather, fabric, plastic, cardboard, and other dense materials.
SKU: 32D420
64 UAH*
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Top Tools clamp is a 225 mm long spring clamp designed for secure and convenient fastening of materials and objects. It is an indispensable tool for various types of work and projects.
SKU: 32D422
330 UAH*
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Riveter Top Tools, 32D422 is designed for joining flat metal blanks together. Steel tool 165 mm long. Comes with 100 rivets.
SKU: 38D545
2799 UAH*
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The Top Tools 1/4", 3/8" tool set (Ref. 38D545) 194 pieces contains the tools required for small domestic tasks. The set includes 3/8" hex heads and ratchet, hex keys, torx keys, combination wrenches, screwdriver bits, measuring tape, spirit level, hammer, adjustable wrench 150 mm, pliers, than with broken blade, set of standard parts in a practical plastic case.
SKU: 90U245
160 UAH*
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Top Tools strong bile lock line with 80 cm length (ref. no. 90U245). The lock comes with 2 keys. The product is designed to secure bikes.
SKU: 32D320
150 UAH*
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Set of locking ring pliers Top Tools, 32D320, 4 pcs. The product is made of carbon steel. The holder is rubberized.
SKU: 34D308
565 UAH*
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Top Tools Cable spiral, for cleaning sewer pipes, 8m x 10mm 34D308.
SKU: 34D301
95 UAH*
in stock
Top Tools Cable spiral, for cleaning sewer pipes, 1.5mx5mm 34D301 34D301.
SKU: 12A203
160 UAH*
in stock
Top Tools Clamp, type F, 50x300mm. wooden handle, lacquered. Clamp type: screw 12A203.
SKU: 11-920
3950 UAH*
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NEO 11-920 is a product for the professional user who appreciates the quality of the product. The set includes 14 sockets in different sizes and 2 extractors for removing screws from nuts
SKU: 41E915
399 UAH*
in stock
The set contains furniture stapler for J staples sized 6-14 mm, J staples and staple remover. The stapler is made of metal, it also features adjustable staple driving force and locking ring.
SKU: 34D067
420 UAH*
in stock
Aluminum alloy pipe cutter for professional pipe cutting. The high-quality sharp blade ensures ease of operation.
SKU: 14A105
120 UAH*
in stock
Extractor set (3.3-19 mm, 5 pieces). Top Tools 14A105 is used to remove screws with damaged heads. For easy storage and transportation, the set comes in a practical plastic case. All accessories are made of high quality metal, which is strong and durable.
SKU: 39D389
100 UAH*
in stock
Bit set Top Tools 39D389 is made of durable chrome molybdenum steel for long tool life. The extension cord makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach places.
SKU: 97X195
130 UAH*
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Coupling strap. The working length of the strap is 5 m. The width of the working part is 25 cm.
SKU: 97X192
359 UAH*
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Top Tools cinching strap, measuring 6 m x 50 mm, is a reliable tool for securing and fastening loads. Ideal for various tasks in transportation and securing items.
SKU: 34D055
199 UAH*
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The Top Tools pipe cutter is designed for cutting copper pipes with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 28 mm. This tool will help you achieve clean and straight cuts effortlessly. It is perfect for cutting pipes in various applications, including plumbing and heating.
SKU: 07A415
1160 UAH*
in stock
Top Tools folding workbench, measuring 560x240x800 mm - lightweight and portable, with a load capacity of up to 100 kg. The bench weighs 4.75 kg, making it convenient for transportation and use in various conditions.
SKU: 32D423
80 UAH*
in stock
The set of tweezers for smartphone repair consists of four tools and is specifically designed for precision work in servicing smartphones and other small electronic devices. Each pair of tweezers in the set is intended for specific tasks, making this kit a useful tool for repairs and craftsmanship when handling small components. These tweezers will assist you in carrying out smartphone repairs with high precision and reliability.
SKU: 32D115
159 UAH*
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Top Tools 200 mm straight extended nose pliers are a tool with elongated straight jaws designed for convenient gripping and handling of objects. They are ideal for precision work and tasks in hard-to-reach places.
SKU: 32D110
170 UAH*
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Top Tools combination pliers, 160 mm in length, are a versatile tool with flat and serrated jaws designed for gripping, compressing, and handling. Ideal for various tasks in repairs, construction, and everyday use.
SKU: 27C124
110 UAH*
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The Top Tools steel tape measure features three tape winding locks. The ergonomic design of the case allows for a secure and comfortable grip in hand, while the anti-slip coating ensures comfort and safety during use.
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