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The range of Stanley products is more than 3,000 items, which gives everyone the opportunity to choose what they need for itself a tool that meets ISO quality standards. Reliability, ergonomics and quality are integral attributes of Stanley products. The company's slogan is "Make something great!". Learn more

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The history of the Stanley company and brand began in 1843. Over 150 years of fruitful work, Stanley workshops have grown into a huge corporation.


Legal experts consider Stanley to be a global player: the company is a multiple owner of awards and prizes received both in Europe and in global brand competitions. Stanley improves its products every day.


Today, this company is a world leader in the production of hand tools, namely carpentry and metalworking tools.


By buying the products of this TM, you get a reliable ergonomic tool with a stylish design at an affordable price.

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SKU: 1-95-622
14574 UAH*
in stock
The STANLEY FATMAX Metal and Plastic Rolling Workshop has plenty of storage for all your power tools, hand tools, fixings and accessories. Providing ample portable storage space and ease of transportation with robust road-tested wheels, this storage solution allows you to bring your workshop with you wherever you may be. Strong and durable, the Rolling Workshop includes a large metal storage bin, two deep sliding drawers, and detachable tool box with removable tote tray. The Rolling Workshop also features removable organiser cups for small parts and accessories, as well as an integrated V-groove for holding and sawing timbers, pipes and plastic tubing. Complete with large metal rust-proof latches, a telescopic handle and a padlock eye for security.
SKU: FMHT82569-6
937 UAH*
in stock
The FATMAX digital multimeter with Smart Clamp technology from Stanley is highly reliable and compact in design. It contains all the necessary functions to measure AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance, battery voltage, diode and circuit continuity. AC current is measured through the clamp, all other measurements are made through the cables, just like a conventional digital multimeter. The intelligent function automatically detects the correct measurement. The multimeter has a 3.5-inch LCD display with dual screen option, allowing you to save 2 values on the display at the same time.
SKU: STHT0-77365
2342 UAH*
in stock
The STANLEY STHT0-77365 infrared thermometer is used for non-contact temperature measurement in the range from -38°C to +520°C. The results are displayed on a backlit display, which allows you to work in dimly lit areas. The body of the device is made of high-quality materials and has a moderate degree of protection against dust and moisture - IP20. The device is powered by AAA batteries.
SKU: 0-28-590
147 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley window scraper has a yellow plastic handle with a replaceable high-strength blade for 1992 knives. It is used for finishing work. Ideal for removing advertising stickers from glass and for removing excess paint from window panes.
SKU: STHT0-16139
397 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley planer is suitable for edge banding of various laminates and veneers. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic, the blade is laser sharpened and can be adjusted. On one side of the trimmer is a blade for straight cuts, on the other side there is an adjustable blade for angled cuts. It can handle material up to 25.4 mm thick.
SKU: 1-47-405
65 UAH*
in stock
White chalk powder for indoor use, carpeting, etc. Poor water solubility, high weather resistance. Specially selected due to its adhesion and bright saturated colour.
SKU: 0-84-114
920 UAH*
in stock
The articulated pliers set consists of 3 units (adjustable pliers, pliers with extended jaws, diagonal cutters).
SKU: 0-90-500
440 UAH*
in stock
The marking set consists of three items. Ruler 200x13mm made of stainless steel, single-sided with metric scale. Centre Punch with a square shank 3.2 x 100 mm. Steel chisel with a plastic body.
SKU: FMHT82567-0
1255 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley FMHT82567-0 detector can be used to detect non-contact voltages or metals up to 20mm. The AC voltage detector measures the voltage in a circuit without contact. It can sense the presence of metal and the voltage range is 20 to 1000V.
SKU: STHT0-77406
1198 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley S200 is designed for use on interior surfaces only. For optimum performance of the Stud Sensor 200, keep your free hand at least 6 inches away from the device and the wall surface when testing or scanning surfaces. The Stanley S200 can scan through common building materials.
SKU: RM-02001E
2178 UAH*
in stock
Oil-filled heater RM Electric, 7 fins, 1500 W. Oil cooler RM02001e 1500 W is a reliable and easy to operate oil cooler with 7 modules. Designed for additional heating and maintaining the optimum temperature in residential and office premises. Thanks to its high power, it can easily heat a room of 15-20 sq.m. and maintain the desired temperature. Comes with a container for air humidification.
SKU: 0-69-256
475 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley hex wrench set is a very convenient, practical and functional solution not only for highly professional use, but also in the most ordinary household conditions.
SKU: FMHT82566-0
1096 UAH*
in stock
The Digital Voltmeter is a reliable electrical measurement tool designed for accuracy and versatility. With a measurement category of 3 and a range of 400 volts, it's suitable for various voltage testing needs.
SKU: 1-20-112
717 UAH*
in stock
Mini compartments included for the storage of chocks and pencils. One piece injection moulded mitre box for strength and durability. Patented cam lock clamping system holds workpiece securely in place. Raised base for locked work. The pieces are attached by regulating the chocks. 90º, 45º and 22½º angles and 45º scarf cut guide. Cellular plate for the insertion of eccentric chocks.
SKU: 1-95-620
3080 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley Metal-Plastic Tool Box provides a sturdy and versatile storage solution for your tools. Measuring 66.2 x 29.3 x 22.2 cm, this toolbox offers ample space for various tools and equipment. The combination of metal and plastic construction ensures durability while maintaining practicality.
SKU: 0-65-411
276 UAH*
in stock
The FatMax VDE Screwdriver 0-65-411, with its SL (slotted) 3.5mm x 75mm tip size, is engineered for enhanced safety and performance. Designed to comply with VDE standards, it's suitable for working on electrical systems up to 1000 volts.
SKU: 1-64-974
199 UAH*
in stock
Soft-touch handle - for high comfort and reliable control of the tool. Large diameter handle - allows you to apply more torque.
SKU: 0-22-487
343 UAH*
in stock
Type: File; Purpose: In steel; Section shape: Triangular
SKU: 0-10-810
661 UAH*
in stock
Easy blade change and takes standard utility blades. STANLEY Quickslide Pocket Knife with one handed operation blade slider – extends the blade easily and quickly. COMPACT DESIGN: Pocket size for convenience. USER SAFETY: Push down and slide safety feature – ensures the blade is not accidentally extended.
SKU: 6-MR77
1441 UAH*
in stock
STANLEY 6MR77 MR77 Swivel Head Riveter. Long handles make riveters easy to squeeze. Rotates 360º for use at any angle. Rugged die-cast metal construction for long life. Sets rivets at right angle or straight-on, with a simple twist of rivet head. 4 nose pieces & wrench store in handle for versatility and convenient storage. Accepts aluminum & steel rivets for wide range of applications. Intensive use.
SKU: FMHT0-62688
753 UAH*
in stock
The Stanley FatMax Stubby Screwdriver combines convenience and functionality. With a reversible 1/4" bit holder, it offers versatility for various tasks.
SKU: FMHT0-80518
447 UAH*
in stock
Type: side pliers; Features: ergonomic handles; Material: steel;
SKU: STA38007
312 UAH*
in stock
Type: Diamond blade; Диаметр дискаDisk diameter: 125 mm;
SKU: 0-47-322
238 UAH*
in stock
Type: marker; Purpose: marking and drawing circles; Material: Plastic


Друга фаза відзначилась новими зонами та стендами. Однією з нових зон є – зона інструментів та техніки для дому та саду, яка представлена близько 20-ма брендами. Декілька із них, привернули нашу увагу найбільше.
У компанії Stanley понад 170 років досвіду. Почавши з невеликого підприємства з виробництва скріпкових виробів, сьогодні вона займає провідні позиції з-поміж світових виробників інструментів.
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