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Italian brand Immergas is known for the production of high quality, modern gas boilers. The boiler has increased efficiency due to the use of a condensing unit. The boiler has a closed combustion chamber with a turbine.
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Refrigerant: R32; Device dimensions: 638х880х364; Weight with walls and top casing: 47.5 kg ; Device dimensions: 760х440х250; Weight: 33.5 kg ;
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Use: for boilers; Type: kit;
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VICTRIX TERA V2 24 PLUS EU is an innovative single circuit gas boiler that will make your life more comfortable and economical.
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Immergas Mini Nike 24 3 E is a wall-mounted gas double-circuit boiler with a capacity of 24 kW with an open combustion chamber (chimney) is designed for heating and hot water supply. Boiler Immergas Mini Nike 3E 24 is suitable for heating an apartment, house, premises with an area from 40 to 260 m2 depending on insulation.
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Trading company Immergas has launched an updated version of the well-known gas boiler Nike Star 24 3E - Nike Star 24 4E. Immergas Nike Star 24 4E is still a wall-hung gas boiler with two circuits and natural (atmospheric) exhaust, with a bithermic heat exchanger.
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Immergas Nike Mythos 24 2 E - wall-hung two circuit gas boiler with open combustion chamber (chimney) designed for heating and hot water production.
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Model Immergas Mini Eolo 24 3 E is a turbo (smokeless) two-circuit version of the boiler with a closed combustion chamber, built-in pump, expansion tank and output of 24 kW. In the design of the boiler - two separate heat exchangers. This boiler can heat up to 240 sq.m. of area and produce up to 11.5 liters of hot water per min. Includes Immergas 60/100mm coaxial flue kit (71.MT7.00.36) for non-condensing turbo gas boilers.
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Immergas Eolo Mythos 24 2 E is a two circuit gas turbo boiler of Immergas TM with an output of 24 kW and Immergas 60/100 mm coaxial flue kit (71.MT7.00.36) for non-condensing gas boilers. It uses a stainless steel plate heat exchanger for water heating.
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The boiler Eolo Star 24 4 E is equipped with a combined bithermic heat exchanger, which is used both for heating the cooling medium of the heating circuit and for heating the water of the hot water supply circuit (DHW). The model has proven itself in operation even under difficult conditions. Includes Immergas 60/100 mm coaxial flue kit (71.MT7.00.36) for non-condensing turbo gas boilers.
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