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Immerse yourself in high-speed data transfer with HDMI 2.1, crafted to cater to modern gamers' desires for enhanced resolutions and rapid refresh rates. Our world's premier consumer-graded HDMI 2.1 PCIe capture card, Live Gamer 4K 2.1, paves the way for unparalleled gaming experiences on PCs and next-gen consoles, boasting 4K144 and 4K120 pass-through.
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The Live Streamer ULTRA HD (GC571) video capture card is designed for those exploring live streaming for the first time or looking for a space and budget conscious approach. It is a user-friendly streaming gear with excellent value, 4K top-notch quality, and hassle-free operation.
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AVerMedia Live Gamer ULTRA 2.1 GC553G2 is a powerful video capture device designed for efficient recording and streaming of gameplay. It provides high-quality video capture in 4K resolution with a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. The USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C interface allows for fast data transfer and ensures minimal latency. The built-in HDMI pass-through port enables simultaneous display on the monitor and capture. The lightweight and compact design make the AVerMedia Live Gamer ULTRA 2.1 a convenient tool for streaming and creating video content.
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AS311 is a state-of-the-art AI speakerphone designed for seamless communication in any setting. With its advanced technology and professional connections, it enables users to stay connected and hold high-quality audio conferences or meetings from anywhere.
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Pocket Speakerphone Hub - all-in-one, clutter-ending speakerphone dock with premium audio. Now with just one cable connection to computer, you can have access to all your essentials such as a webcam, speaker, microphone, display, and even charging.
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There’s no need for a high-end computer. Enjoy 4K ultra HD gaming while recording at 1080p Full HD with EzRecorder 330—perfectly record every gameplay.
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The PW515 boasts a 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor that delivers brilliantly sharp video, impressive color, and exceptional optical accuracy up to 4K Ultra HD. The PW515 has a variable field of view (FoV) ranging from 65° to 100°. Its ultra-wide 100° diagonal field of view is perfect for capturing all your meeting participants and involving them in the conversation.
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Video conference camera AverMedia PA511D - be Seen, be Heard, be Connected. Times whenwere poorly people seen or heard during a video meeting in the past. Extremely simple connection, reliable components, modern software in Mingle Bar is the guarantee of high-quality video streaming. Due to the transition of most companies to the remote mode of operation, AverMedia presents a new generation conference camera that does not require complex connections, but offers a high-quality stream of presentation to colleagues and business partners.
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The AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2 video capture device is intended for video capture without compression in 4Kp30 format. Capture gameplay in high detail with 4K30p support on a 4K 60Hz HDR monitor. If your pace is fast, switch to QHD and play at up to 120Hz while recording in FHD60p. Thanks to the capture capabilities without compression, your gameplay will be captured exactly as it was intended.
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4Kp60(HDR) live streaming or 4Kp30 video recording from camera or video camera, then you need Live Streamer CAP 4K BU113 external video capture device. Ease of connection and use is realized by Plug and Play - connected and the device is ready for use without additional complex settings. Combined with the CamEngine app, you can use advanced features like ePTZ and AI Framing that will automatically create a group or person from video sources. Live Streamer CAP 4K BU113 can be a skillful assistant for presentations if you work remotely.
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The DUALCAM PW313D is a 2-in-1 webcam equipped with two cameras to capture two different angles simultaneously. The combination of a webcam and doc cam captures both yourself and any other object or documents on your table. It is a reliable video and audio device for video conferences, online teaching, and online tutoring.
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The Live Gamer MINI is here to help you get into your streaming spotlight as quick and easy as possible! Following the steps of its predecessor (LGP Lite) the LGM keeps things nice and simple, with HDMI in and passthrough for zero latency Full HD gameplay and micro USB for PC or Mac connectivity.
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The Live Streamer CAM 313 (PW313) is a plug and play USB webcam that records in 1080p30 for podcasting, streaming, and gaming. PW313 comes with 2 built-in microphones (mono).
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Live Gamer ULTRA The latest generation of game capture devices. Live Gamer ULTRA (LGU) captures the signal in 4K HDR technology, giving you more depth and picture quality.
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With a 6 track audio mixer and a fully customizable control panel, the Live Streamer NEXUS will ensure you have full control over the live creation process. Be more productive, create more efficiently, master your content. Your voice, alerts, music, even game sound are a huge part of your content. Controlling and monitoring all 6 tracks withe ease and in real-time. Keep your audio levels separate from your audience. With Dual Mix you and your stream can have different audio experiences, allowing each to focus on what’s most important.
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Gaming just got this much better. The Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus (LGP2 Plus) builds on its predecessor the LGP2. Keeping great flexibility with three integrated modes, multiple audio inputs and audio mixer control, while adding a whole new pass through technology to support Ultra HD 4K resolution at a buttery 60 frames per second.
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Time for creators to level up! One for the talent, one for the gameplay, both in just one slot. Supporting both console or PC gaming and your digital camera. Perfect for live streaming platforms.
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The second installment of Live Gamer HD has arrived! Packed with more power and style, Live Gamer HD 2 (LGHD2) is a plug-and-play PCIe-capturing beast that records and streams smooth, uncompressed, zero-lag gameplay in 1080p 60 fps.
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The PW315 has the smoothest 60 fps playback you can ask for from a webcam, and a nice wide angle to go with it. An excellent choice for a face-cam or a secondary overview webcam to get more unique angles for your stream. Perfect for streaming, presentations, online teaching, and virtual meetings.
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Present everything clearly and vividly, whether nearby or at a distance. The PW310P streams and records in Full HD @30 fps, designed for video calls and remote learning. Adjustable brightness, contrast, and sharpness ensure the desired image quality at any moment. With a 360° swivel design, you can easily adjust the shooting angle when needed. The universal mount allows you to place the camera on both the monitor and tripod in any desired angle. Compatible with all popular video streaming platforms, including Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, OBS, and more.
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The built-in 4K Live Streamer CAM 513 optics allows you to shoot stunning 4Kp30 video that meets the requirements of the strictest author's image evaluations. Thanks to Sony® Exmor™ technology and AVerMedia's precise settings, you will be able to receive clear, crystal clear videos in 4K UHD format. The more you see, the more you can create. The Live Streamer CAM 513 is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 94 degrees - this means that you can capture more space during a stream or capture more people in the frame during a video chat or conference call. Live Streamer CAM 513 does not support USB 2.0
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Live Gamer 4K (LG4K) is the embodiment of what next generation of game capture is all about. Mighty in every aspect, from capturing 4K HDR content to amazingly high frame capturing of up to 240 FPS, the LG4K is bringing the future of video capture to all gamers and content creators.
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