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Educational toy in English. How to support children in their learning about time and the seasons? With a beautiful wooden magnetic picture that will make it easier to understand changes and the notion of time! This beautiful educational toy, which is recommended for children aged 3 and up, enables them to grasp the particularities of each season.
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This is a dream toy for any budding farmer! Let’s get behind the wheel of this ultra-realistic tractor and set off for a whole range of adventures! This wooden tractor, with its blue/green colour scheme and rounded shapes, has been designed to help children aged 12 months and over to develop their motor skills as they push it along. It will also help them learn to control their movements while they explore the world around them. It has a built-in horn to signal any danger and let people know when baby arrives at the farm! Its 2 silent-running rubber front tyres and working steering mean it can handle whatever the countryside can throw at it. Time to get going - a farmer’s work is never done!
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A fishing game like no other! Help your bird catch the most fish in this fun skill game. 12 fish are swimming peacefully in the river, when suddenly 2 hungry birds race to catch them all before the time runs out!
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Type: Tambourine ; Gender: boy, girl; Theme: music; Age group: 1.5+; Material: wood;
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An unfolding double-sided kitchen with a twist! Ideal for preparing delicious meals for several people: this gorgeous wooden kitchen boasts sweet colours and will delight all budding cooks with its many surprises!
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A small fox to assemble on a lovely base with soft, very contemporary colours surrounded by a bead maze to develop concentration and motor skills. Water painting.
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Shapes, sizes and colours will no longer be obstacles for your clever little ones, thanks to this pretty wooden educational game for children aged 2 years and up. The birds are out and there are lots of different kinds! Let's learn to differentiate them according to their distinctive feature, whilst having fun! Who will be the shape-sorting champion? This sorting game comprises 72 wooden birds: square, circular, big, small, green, blue, etc... they’ve gotten all mixed up, let's help them find their family.
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It's lunchtime on the ice floe! Help the polar bear feed its cubs in this cooperative game made of wood and cardboard. Collect fish on your way to bring them to the hungry little cubs who are at the end of the course, but watch out for traps! Melting ice, oil slicks... The bear needs you!
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Children can develop their creativity wherever they go, thanks to this travel-sized wooden board! Budding artists aged 3 years and up can express themselves on the 2 surfaces of this double-sided board: 1 plain black side for utterly beautiful drawings and 1 black side with writing lines for little ones’ first words.
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This is the cutest frog in the rainforest! Baby will have hours of fun manipulating this colourful wooden loop. A 2-in-1 activity toy, this loop is also a pretty stackable toy: the frog is in 2 parts to be assembled again and again!
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A little snake having a nap at the top of a tree in the heart of the tropical jungle? Come and help him climb to the top of this wooden tree by threading through the different holes! This lacing game for children is suitable for children from the age of 18 months.
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It’s adventure time in letter land with our pretty soft-coloured drawings! Little ones can gradually learn the alphabet whilst having fun with this large puzzle that combines both cardboard pieces with slot-in wooden letters. Start off by reconstructing the puzzle with its 28 beautifully illustrated pieces, then have fun finding rearranging the wooden capital letters (decorated in many different colours) in alphabetical order.
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A loft version of a children's kitchen, what an original concept! Like a central island, this magnificent toy kitchen in olive green tones will take pride of place in the children's bedroom or in the living room for hours of cooking fun!
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Here is an ingenious and completely original children's kitchen! It allows you to imagine being a little cook and to take advantage of a play area, not on one side but on 3! Its unique triangular shape makes this kitchen, for children from the age of 3, a resourceful imitation toy that provides a comprehensive and immersive play experience!
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Let's go for a walk with baby! This wooden pram is a must-have accessory for new parents who love to push their favourite doll around the house. Compatible with dolls up to 42 cm (not supplied), this pretend play toy houses the cuddly toys or small treasures of little ones aged 18 months and up. A blanket and pillow are included for optimal comfort.
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We’ve got the perfect game for curious dinosaur fans who, as we well know, are always looking for more information about their favourite animals! Dinosaur enthusiasts can follow in these animals’ footsteps around the world, thanks to this magnetic world map which features no less than 50 species! All dinosaurs had their own habitat and this map is a fun way to see where they were found and the names of these extinct specimens.
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What a pretty dinosaur-themed shape-sorting box! You’re bound to love the colours and details found on this easily transportable play cube. This multi-activity volcano boasts multiple games that will appeal to children aged 12 months and up. The front features a shape sorter with wooden dinosaurs to slot through the correct holes. Toddlers will need to scratch their brains to figure out where to place the cute Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon!
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Can you place all the baby animals back where they belong? This pretty stand-up or hanging magnetic board consists of 40 baby animal magnets that are the perfect size for little ones’ hands. Your child can give free rein to their imagination, invent lots of stories and even learn to recognise the animals, thanks to the included educational poster. Early-learning toy in FSCTM wood. Magnetic toy for children aged 2 years and up.
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Ready for a quick family selfie? You'll have to stop for a moment with your children, who will be able to do as grown-ups do with their new, very realistic camera! This imitation camera made from wood and silicone is ideal for children aged 18 months and over.
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This beautiful wooden educational game is ideal for discovering the letters of the alphabet and learning to write them, little by little. Each card corresponds to a letter and this letter is embossed on the front in 3 forms (uppercase, lowercase and cursive letter), complete with directional arrows, so that the letter can be written correctly.
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We love memory games and when you can play them in the bath, the fun gets even better! This memory game has an unusual twist: the aim is to pair each baby animal with one of its parents! Help your child find the correct pairs by working on their memory skills! Each marine animal just gets cuter and cuter.
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Numbers and letters are invited to bath time! To learn while having fun in the bath or shower, this set of 26 pieces and 10 numbers promises long moments of play. Easy to handle by children from 2 years old, these colourful and light pieces float and stick to the tiles when wet: magic! This well thought-out set comes with a storage net with suction cups for optimal drying of the pieces. Bring the alphabet and maths into the bathroom with this 36-piece set made of EVA.
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Your child will play in his bath for hours with these 4 farm animals: a horse, a duck, a sheep and a rabbit. They are very easy to take in hand ; and by pressing on their head or on their belly, they will spit water!
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This beautiful early-learning toy for babies aged 18 months and up is perfect for learning about music whilst enhancing motor skills! How, you ask? Nothing could be simpler for our little explorers!
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