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fischertechnik are unique German designers for the development and entertainment of children of all ages. Created in 1965, the fischertechnik platform has 5 series of different complexity and focus for children of all ages. Constructors have a unique mechanism for connecting blocks and are designed for applied learning. Building prototypes of real mechanisms and devices, the child will be able to master the operation of the laws of physics, chemistry, the principles of engineering, electronics and programming at the highest level. Learn more

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fischertechnik has been inspiring children, students, teachers and engineers since 1965! The fischertechnik constructors are "Made in Germany" and convey basic technical knowledge in a playful way, in line with the company's motto "Understanding technology through play"! 


The Fischertechnik universal basic building block is the basis for all Fischertechnik construction sets. The basic building block allows you to add other blocks on all six sides. Blocks are combined, creating a logical concept. From wonderful basic building blocks to exquisite technological details, you can combine them together. No matter how complex the models are, you can always use parts from any fischertechnik kit in them. 


fischertechnik building blocks meet many pedagogical requirements with their own single system without other aids or special instructions. fischertechnik teaches basic technical knowledge and contributes to the development of: 

• hand-eye coordination, 

• large and fine motor skills, 

• abilities for spatial thinking, 

• imagination and creativity 

• the skill of logical thinking. 


Each set includes comprehensive, easy-to-follow building instructions and learning materials to help your child build and discover the exciting world of fischertechnik. 


In addition to building instructions, the complex sets also offer the fischertechnik e-learning portal, where children can learn online. Here are fascinating didactic booklets and reference information with a large number of tasks and solutions for various themes of construction kits. 


The wide acceptance among parents, teachers and engineers makes the fischertechnik not only a valuable educational toy, but also a successful teaching tool in schools and universities. 


In addition to construction kits and training kits, the company also offers pre-assembled compact functional and simulation models for training, demonstration, development planning and testing of various industrial technical processes, which are now especially relevant in the field of Industry 4.0.

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SKU: FT-564066
3144 UAH*
in stock
The big Junior starter kit for age 5 and up includes twelve different vehicles, planes and cranes. Childfriendly building instructions offer an easy introduction to the fischertechnik system. Learning about technology is important here, too – the included solar rotor and the ability to spray water with the pneumatic cylinder give young scientists a fun first look at the world of technology. The kit also includes Nik, the fischertechnik figurine, who lends a helping hand to the engineers of tomorrow.
SKU: FT-564067
3144 UAH*
in stock
Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a variety of games from a single kit? No problem – fischertechnik „Build your own game“ makes it possible! The kit includes eight different board games and skill games, like roulette, a prize wheel and a labyrinth. Who is the most precise, who is the fastest, who has luck on their side? The various games can be played alone or with multiple players – hours of fun for the whole family. Tired of one game? No problem! Just grab the building instructions, put together the next game, and keep the fun going!
SKU: FT-564069
4968 UAH*
in stock
Whee-oo, here comes the fire truck – and it’s an essential part of every child’s room. These three great models are ready to perform heroic rescues and save whole cities in the playroom. The kit includes an adapter for a standard PET bottle, which is built into the model and used as a water tank.
SKU: FT-564068
3144 UAH*
in stock
They travel through imposing mountain ranges, connect cities and neighborhoods, and transport people and freight. Cable Cars are impressive and well worth learning about. This kit includes three different realistic cable car models, attached partly with vacuum pads to span distances and heights in the playroom – the perfect place for this exciting subject, and for exploring the different functions of cable cars.
SKU: FT-564071
3144 UAH*
in stock
Why are buildings, bridges and other structures built the way they are? What makes them stable and how can you improve their stability? The Statics kit helps young engineers answer these and other questions. The kit contains a total of eleven impressive models.
SKU: FT-563576
3318 UAH*
in stock
Sustainability is an important priority that we take to heart. For the first time, children can get excited about individual fischertechnik parts made from organic polyamide, with fun animal models and bright new colors.
SKU: FT-544616
1542 UAH*
in stock
With this construction set, children can receive their first experiences with renewable energy in a fun way. The solar rotor, a combination of solar panels and a motor, is the key component of the three models and uses the power of the sun to rotate the propeller. The model helicopter, air boat and fan use solar energy to move. The play figure included in the kit brings even more fun to the playroom.
SKU: FT-559884
15588 UAH*
in stock
Discover the exciting world of electronics with STEM Electronics! Through a total of ten models and 20 experiments, the world of electronics is taught in an engaging and educational way. Step by step, this construction kit teaches the basics of electronics and offers a variety of different electronics topics. From simple to complex models, such as an alternating flasher, many exciting functional models can be constructed with this construction kit. Teachers can find information material on the topic as well as ready-made tasks and solutions in the fischertechnik e-Learning Portal.
SKU: FT-559893
59754 UAH*
in stock
Young inventors and researchers are curious, and question everything. How does the staircases light turn on? Why does it go on at the bottom, and back off again at the top? Children learn the answers to these and other questions in a fun way through our Class Set Electrical Control based on nine models and 25 experiments. The set teaches all about electrical circuits using simple applications in a way kids can understand. The models are easy to build in the classroom and integrate with fully designed tasks and solutions.
SKU: FT-559888
38970 UAH*
in stock
The fischertechnik Robotics TXT 4.0 Base Set is the perfect start to programming like the pros! In addition to the camera with image processing, the extensive construction kit contains an ultrasonic sensor, two encoder motors, a track sensor, a phototransistor as well as two push buttons and two LEDs. The models can be programmed and controlled with the ROBO Pro Coding programming software and the ROBOTICS TXT 4.0 controller. Beginners can access ready-made sample programs,while advanced and professionals can get started directly in a Blockly programming environment or in Python. With an additional app (Android / iOS), the TXT 4.0 controller can also be controlled via voice recognition. Included are 12 exciting models ranging from pedestrian traffic lights, a barrier, a barcode scanner to mobile driving robots with encoder motors, camera, lane and distance sensor. In addition to introductory and basic information, the comprehensive teaching material includes 20 experiments with solutions for the 12 models.
SKU: FT-559881
20460 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: robotics;
SKU: FT-559878
12666 UAH*
in stock
The first experiments with pneumatics were conducted in the third century B.C., and discovered the extreme versatility and usefulness of compressed air. Using 8 models and 29 experiments, STEM Pneumatics teaches the basic principles of pneumatics, and demonstrates the functioning of components like compressors, pneumatic valves and cylinders, as well as an exhaust throttle valve. The concept also includes a full set of lesson plans for teachers.
SKU: FT-559883
8688 UAH*
in stock
The E-Tronic set allows you to discover the world of electronics through play! Kids can build simple circuits, series and parallel circuits, electronic switches with transistors, capacitors, resistors and LEDs.
SKU: FT-559876
8106 UAH*
in stock
Even as early as the third century, people understood how practical and exciting pneumatics is! This building set teaches the fundamentals of pneumatics in a fun way, showing how components like compressors, pneumatic valves and cylinders, and an exhaust throttle valve work using realistic models, and demonstrating why this technology has been around for such a long time. It allows young inventors to enjoy exciting adventures at home with their tractor with tree grabber, front loader or double swather.
SKU: FT-559885
7038 UAH*
in stock
Have you always wanted to know how a shaft drive, a bevel gear, or planetary gear works? Do you want to learn how to build a stable bridge or a scissors lift? Then our Retro Mechanics is the building set for you! The set has a cool retro design, and demonstrates mechanical and structural principles in a fun way based on 30 models. This is the ultimate technology set for any budding technician or mechanical engineer!
SKU: FT-559879
7038 UAH*
in stock
Climate and environmental protection are key values in today's world – that’s why we are working to teach kids about this important issue through play. To learn about generating, storing and using electricity from natural sources, children can build exciting models that move using wind, water, or solar power and teach them about applied technology in a fun way. This helps stimulate their interest in these types of energy, which will become even more important in the future. The H2 Fuel Cell Car (Art. no. 559880) is a great addition. This expansion set can be used to build additional models that run on a fuel cell.
SKU: FT-559889
7038 UAH*
in stock
Writing your own program and bringing a robot to life is unbelievably fascinating and exciting. This technology is essential in today‘s world. Our fischertechnik Early Coding building set is the right choice to teach even the youngest developers about this exciting, important topic. They can get started in the world of IT and robotics in a fun, inspiring way using the finished components. The two motors and sensors are fully integrated into a block. That means all users need to do is switch them on, connect via Bluetooth using a mobile device, and get started! The simple graphic programming environment with pre-designed examples is built to be ageappropriate and is available for download free of charge – the perfect way to get started with the world of robotics! Students can also easily create their own programs using the software.
SKU: FT-559882
3396 UAH*
in stock
Our Solar Power set demonstrates a key future energy source in a fun way. Electricity is generated using a solar module, helping to power the helicopter, aeroplane, windmill and carousel. Whether on land or in the air - this building set is the perfect choice to discover solar power in a fun way. Additional teaching materials on solar power are available online, to help students better understand the background of the technology.
SKU: FT-554193
2610 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: land transport, construction; Age group: 3 years and up; Gender: for girls, for boys; Series: Easy Starter; Joining details: trapezoidal spikes / grooves; Number of parts: 45 pcs;
SKU: FT-548903
2610 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: land transport, construction; Age group: 3 years and up; Gender: for girls, for boys; Series: Junior; Joining details: trapezoidal spikes / grooves; Number of parts: 60 pcs;
SKU: FT-554194
1500 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: construction; Age group: 3 years and up; Gender: for boys; Series: Easy Starter; Joining details: block; Number of parts: 24 pcs;
SKU: FT-540587
16074 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: construction; Gender: for boys; Series: ROBOTICS; Joining details: trapezoidal spikes / grooves; Number of parts: 380 pcs;
SKU: FT-551588
4554 UAH*
in stock
Kind: construction set; Game type: building, construction; Age group: 7 years and up; Gender: for boys; Series: Advanced; Joining details: trapezoidal spikes / grooves; Number of parts: 385 pcs;
SKU: FT-548902
1500 UAH*
in stock
With this fischertechnik system, young designers ages 3 and up can experience the world of fischertechnik. The simple connection system allows little builders to enjoy fast success and lots of playing fun. The large building elements, combined with the age-appropriate building instructions, make it easier to get started with fischertechnik systems. These beginner building sets can be used to create different truck models. A dumper or the fischertechnik building plate can also be added to the driver’s cab. Little builders can use the instructions to build onto the building plate, or design a variety of different creative attachments.The system not only brings tons of fun to your child's room, but also promotes fine motor skills.


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