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15.06 - 30.09
Make autumn evenings more exciting with 2E: a special offer for movie and TV fans!
01.07 - 30.09
We offer an incredible opportunity to earn and bring a product or service to a modern level for customers and users, while receiving additional bonuses for this.
01.07 - 30.09
We invite you to take part in the promotional offer and receive additional bonuses for it!
01.07 - 30.09
We invite you to take part in the promotional offer, which will be the optimal solution for business. Help customers and users provide their business with modern technologies and capabilities from the world leader – Microsoft.
03.07 - 30.09
A special offer for every PC assembler. Buy Microsoft Windows OEM and get points for the gifts you want!
15.07 - 31.03
"Six Months of Unlimited Hit Movies of Ukraine and the World with SWEET.TV!" LG SmartTV promotional offer.
31.07 - 01.10
New TCL smartphones with an advanced NXTVISION screen are a good opportunity to buy a new phone for young schoolchildren. Thanks to the August-September offer, the child can get perhaps the best smartphone for schoolchildren. The discount makes this purchase attractive.
11.09 - 15.10
Купуйте комплект акційної вбудованої техніки Electrolux (варильну поверхню та духову шафу) та отримайте безпровідний пилосос у подарунок.
13.09 - 01.10
Цінова акційна пропозиція на обрані моделі бренду hansgrohe!
13.09 - 01.10
Цінова акційна пропозиція на водяні та електричні рушникосушки бренду Mario - знижки до 20%!
20.09 - 31.10
Акційна пропозиція на 4G Wi-Fi-роутер Alcatel MW45: найкраща ціна зі знижкою 35%!
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