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A unique and extremely fun way to program Blue-Bot or Rugged Robot, place your instructions on the tile reader, press go and see your robot complete the program! The tiles can be placed either portrait or landscape depending on how the child wants to lay out their program and if they want to debug their program, simply swap the tiles and press 'go' to try their program again. Connecting to a Blue-Bot or Rugged Robot couldn't be easier, turn the robot on, press connect on the Reader and wait for your robot to go blue to show it is connected!
SKU: IT10342
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Add data logging capabilities to Rugged Robot with this simple to use data logging backpack. Log light, sound and temperature and export the data onto your computer as a USP keyboard. PC, Mac and Chromebook compatible. With seven different memory blocks, data can be captured at every 1s, 10s,30s or 60 second sample rate. Fits into the recess on the programmable Rugged Robot.
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Travel the world and go on a voyage of discovery with Bee-Bot® and the Bee-Bot® world map! Contains information about the world, including the oceans, continents, countries and capital cities. Bee-Bot® not included. Enhance children’s knowledge of the world by combining map reading, directional learning and co-ordinate geometry and much more. The detail and colour makes these maps visually stunning and exciting. Large and medium maps are printed on hard-wearing vinyl with eyelets for hanging.
SKU: IT10199
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A set of 4 Bee-Bot® World Mats with associated activity Tins. Included is the Countryside, Transport and Industry, People Who Help Us and Seaside Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tin.
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All the Bee-Bot® kit you need to get your class up and running! The perfect programming kit for any KS1 classroom. Along with 6 Bee-Bot's® and a docking station, this kit comes with a selection of mats to make lessons cross-curricular.
SKU: EL00517
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Save time and money when you buy 6 Blue-Bot's®, a docking station and 3 mats together.
SKU: EL00515
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Get the whole class programming with the Blue-Bot® Class Bundle! You can program Blue-Bot® with a wide range of tablets, a PC, Mac, or our very own TacTile Reader. The tablet app features a host of programming challenges and problems for children to solve by constructing the correct program.
SKU: EY11638
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Designed to support children who may need additional support with breaking down tasks, to enable them to focus their attention and concentration on the task ahead. Children with specific SEN, additional needs or who just struggle with focusing need activities that have a clear start and finish.
SKU: PE10175
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An exciting collection of tactile, sensory resources to throw, catch, rattle, shake and roll. Specially selected to include a variety of different items to stimulate the senses, perfect for inclusion, early throw and catch, and general play.
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This clear 4 x 4 grid can be used to help with programming routes for Bee-Bot®.
SKU: SC00594
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A rechargeable electricity kit for teaching about electrical circuits. The component bases are manufactured from transparent resin, so children can clearly see all the connections and wiring. With built in safety features, the four easy-to-use rechargeable Powerpods will allow children to continuously create and develop new electrical circuits without the need for batteries.
SKU: SC00551
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A superb kit for both KS1 and KS2 electricity science enquiry. Made from transparent resin, children can clearly see the wiring, connections and thus the electrical path.
SKU: SC00863
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Essential Science Equipment Class Kit. A bumper pack of high quality scientific equipment which can be used for a whole host of experiments. Teacher's notes featuring suggested activity ideas and storage tray also included.
SKU: SC00732
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A bumper kit full of resources for investigating forces and motion. With a booklet full of worksheets and experiment ideas, pupils will learn all about gravity, friction and inertia. Includes: assorted pulleys, weights, force meters and more! Age Range:Suitable for 5 to 11 years
SKU: SC00734
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This kit brings together all the resources you'll need to teach about light. Packed full of prisms, torches, convex and concave lenses, mirrors, tea lights and many other components. Includes a teacher's guide full of experiment ideas on shadow formation, how light is reflected and much more.
SKU: SC00735
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This bumper kit of magnetic resources enables pupils to discover how magnetism works and what it is used for. The accompanying book includes support materials, ideas for magnetic experiments and worksheets for pupils. Includes: large and small horseshoe, magnetic marbles, ring magnets and encased magnets, as well as a large selection of resources for use in experiments including compasses, iron filings, metal discs, pins, paperclips and nails.
SKU: SC00736
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This kit brings together all the resources you'll need to teach about sound. Activities focus on measuring sound levels, finding out what happens to sound as you get further away and examining what materials sound can travel through. Contents include pack of 30mm wooden balls, cardboard tubes, plastic tubing, funnels, wind up tape, tuning forks and much more.
SKU: SC00859
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A class kit of resources for use in a range of life cycle exercises. Focus on germination, life cycle of mammals, watching woodlice, predators and prey, making a wormery, seed dispersal and many more. Contents may vary.
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Oti-Bot is a cross-curricular robot that encourages children to develop 21st century soding skills. It is a unique, humanoid robot built with machine learning, live streaming functionalities and an array of outputs and inputs designed to support a wide range of computer science and coding skills.
SKU: IT10101
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Use this Robot Sensor to add interactivity and engagement to your programming challenges. The sensor will detect movement up to 15cm in front of it and play audio which can be pre-recorded by the students. The movement will also trigger an LED to turn on which is on an extended stalk to act as a street light.
SKU: IT10079
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Bee-Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming. Includes 6 Bee-Bots and a charging dock.
SKU: EL00535
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Explore advanced control techniques and use the screen to program on the device! After using our Bee-Bot with younger children, we have developed Pro-Bot®, the floor robot which could be used for teaching more advanced control techniques. Using the on board screen and buttons, program Pro-Bot to include various inputs as triggers such as the sound and light sensor.
SKU: IT10077
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Bee-Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.
SKU: IT10082
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The Blue-Bot programmable floor robot is the perfect place to start for teaching control, and you can wirelessly control it with your tablet or PC.
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