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Founded in 2011, Huion offers a wide range of graphic tablets, digital pens and related accessories for creative professionals and enthusiasts. The product range includes both digital and analog-digital devices. Huion products meet EU, China and US standards (CE, FCC and CCC). The products are exported to Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa – more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Learn more

About vendor

Mission and values

Huion's mission is to empower people to create and express themselves through digital technology. Huion is committed to creating products that are innovative, affordable, and easy to use. Its core values are innovation, quality, and customer focus.


Achievements and awards

Over the years, Huion has received numerous awards and recognition for developing innovative products. Among its most outstanding achievements are:

  • Red Dot Design Award: KAMVAS graphic tablets have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for innovative design and high performance;
  • iF Design Award: Pen Tablet Pen digital pens receive iF Design Award for ergonomic design and ease of use;
  • CES Innovation Awards: Huion CES Innovation Awards: Huion regularly wins CES Innovation Awards for innovative products and technologies.


Huion products

Huion offers a wide range of graphic tablets to suit different needs and budgets. Graphic tablets are available in different sizes and with different features to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals.


Specific examples from Huion's range

  • Huion Kamvas 13. 13-inch tablet with a display for artists who want to draw and edit photos on the go. The model has a wireless pen and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.
  • Huion Inspiroy H1060P. 10.6-inch displayless tablet is a great choice for beginners who want to try their hand at digital drawing. The model has a wireless pen, 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and an 8 x 6-inch working surface.
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 22. A professional 22-inch tablet with a display for artists and designers who need a large work surface. The model has a wireless pen, tilt sensitivity, a resolution of 5000 x 2500 pixels and HDR support.


The tablets are compatible with various operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux and Chrome OS) and popular drawing, learning and education applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, SAI and GIMP. Huion tablets offer excellent quality at affordable prices, meaning artists of all levels will find their model in a wide range.


Unleash your creativity and talents with Huion!

Vendors catalogue
SKU: H420X
1199 UAH*
in stock
Smooth, swift, and portable. Inspiroy H420X has a high report rate and pressure sensitivity level to let you not only enjoy drawing. Besides, it is compatible with various operating systems to satisfy multiple demands, such as online learning and notetaking. The matte surface cover of Inspiroy H420X can provide you a natural pen-on-paper drawing experience. In addition, the full cover panel design makes the tablet more stylish and compact. The standard 8192 pressure sensitivity and 5080LPI pen resolution of the battery-free pen PW100 are enough to meet most artists'. So try to create your artwork now, even if you have never tried digital drawing.
SKU: H951P
3399 UAH*
in stock
The H951P Black Graphic Tablet with dimensions of 8.7"x5.4" is a compact and stylish tool for creativity. With its high resolution and active working area, you can create detailed drawings and designs with great precision.
SKU: H641P
2399 UAH*
in stock
The black Huion H641P 6.3 "x3.9" graphics tablet is a compact and ergonomic tool for artists and designers. With it, you can create impressive drawings and designs with high precision.
SKU: H1061P
4499 UAH*
in stock
The black 10.5 "x6.56" H1061P graphics tablet - is a powerful tool for professional artists, designers and photographers. It offers a wide range of features that allow you to accurately and conveniently implement your creative ideas.
SKU: GT1302
21599 UAH*
in stock
The Kamvas Pro 13 2.5K Black Graphics Display is a high-quality display for artists and designers. It features a large 13.3-inch screen with 2.5K resolution that delivers crisp and detailed images.
SKU: GT1561
41399 UAH*
in stock
With Screen Kamvas Pro 16 (4K) you can enjoy the stunning picture quality and more detail with this 15.6 inch screen. Accurate color reproduction will be a great advantage for designers and artists. Professional, portable, productive. This model removes all restrictions on creativity!
SKU: RTS-300
2699 UAH*
in stock
The RTS-300 is a compact tablet with a one-piece body and a fairly large work surface. Drawing on it is like drawing on real paper. 6 programmable keys on the top of the panel make it easy to operate with one hand for both left and right-handers.
SKU: RTP-700
4199 UAH*
in stock
Graphics tablet Huion Inspiroy RTM-700 is designed for drawing retouching 3D graphics creation.
SKU: RTM-500
3299 UAH*
in stock
Graphics tablet Huion Inspiroy RTM-500 is designed for drawing retouching 3D graphics creation. At 8.4mm thick and weighing 415g, the tablet is lightweight and easy to carry.
SKU: RTE-100
1699 UAH*
in stock
INSPIROY RTE-100 is an entry-level pen tablet with professional specifications and Android support.
SKU: H610X
3699 UAH*
in stock
Reliable, efficient, and powerful. Inspiroy H610X can provide you enough working area to create your artworks. No matter you are engaged in drawing, modeling, graphic design, or game design, it can help you be more productive.
SKU: H580X
2699 UAH*
in stock
As a special edition for Huion tenth anniversary, the pen tablet greatly represents Huion's original aspiration. From appearance to performance, the pen tablet exceeds users' expectations and let creativity flow among us.
SKU: GS2401
43999 UAH*
in stock
Connection: wired; Permission: 5080 lpi; Diagonal: 23.8 "; Tablet weight: 5.6 kg;
3699 UAH*
in stock
The HS611 is the first graphics tablet equipped with multimedia keys that allow you to control background music and switch programs right on your device.
3499 UAH*
in stock
Connection: wired; Workspace: 228,6 x 142,9; Permission: 5080 lpi; Power of pen: without battery; Tablet weight: 0.45 kg;
SKU: GS1562
19199 UAH*
in stock
The passive electromagnetic resonance technology applied in Kamvas 16 together with the PW517 battery-free digital pen will free you from annoying wires and thus provide you with higher flexibility while drawing.
2099 UAH*
in stock
Connection: wired; Workspace: 160; Permission: 5080 lpi; Keys: 4 pcs; Tablet weight: 258 g;
SKU: H1161
4699 UAH*
in stock
HUION H1161 is a graphic tablet with a large 11-inch active area, a passive stylus and support for Android devices.
39999 UAH*
in stock
Connection: wired; Workspace: 476.64 x 268.11; Permission: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD); Diagonal: 21.5 "; Power of pen: battery without electromagnetic resonance; Tablet weight: 4.5 kg;
27599 UAH*
in stock
When talent and high performance come together, you should expect a masterpiece. The color depth of your work will not go unnoticed. Kamvas Pro 20 (2019) will give you full immersion in the creative process. Unprecedented realism of your works is provided by 16.7 million colors available thanks to 120% sRGB.
7899 UAH*
in stock
Now there is even more space for your creative ideas. More space for your creativity. The WH1409 V2 battery-free graphics tablet boasts a 13.8" 8.6" work area, providing endless space for your creativity. Go beyond the ordinary with the world's largest graphics tablet work surface!
5499 UAH*
in stock
The multifunctional controller gives endless possibilities. The controller will make the work process easier and more efficient.
3799 UAH*
in stock
Create your creations right on the go! Graphics tablet HS610 with EMR technology (without battery).
1249 UAH*
in stock
Connection: wired; Workspace: 121.9 x 76.2; Permission: 5080 lpi; Power of pen: battery without electromagnetic resonance; Tablet weight: 0.135 kg;


New items
В епоху цифрових технологій творчість не знає меж, а графічний планшет Huion RTS-300 стає свідченням цього. Призначений для художників-початківців, дизайнерів та ентузіастів цифрового малювання, цей планшет обіцяє перетворити будь-яку...
Нові графічні монітори Kamvas 24 та Kamvas 24 Plus втілили в собі все для продуктивної творчої роботи: більший розмір, вищу роздільну здатність, і, звісно ж, незмінну продуктивність. Оцініть всі потужні функції Huion серії Kamvas,...
ERC - офіційний дистриб’ютор графічних планшетів Huion. Перша поставка цих стильних та функціональних гаджетів вже розвантажується на нашому складі!
Давно мріяли навчитися малювати та розпочати свій творчий шлях? Проте не знали, з чого почати? Дозвольте дати вам невелику пораду. Розвинути власні художні навички та прокачати творчі скіли допоможе світлокопіювальний планшет Huion...
Графічні планшети, що народжені із натхнення радістю та кольором - Huion HS611, тепер на складі ERC. Тому хутко знайомтесь із ними та обирайте за улюбленим кольором!
Huion продовжує створювати передову та практичну продукцію, що сприяє становленню талановитих цифрових художників як в Україні, так і по всьому світу. З-поміж такої продукції варто відзначити Inspiroy Keydial KD200, цей графічний планшет...
Ваша дитина прагне проявляти власну творчість на повну? Підтримайте її у мріях та допоможіть реалізувати приховані здібності та таланти разом з портативним графічним планшетом Huion H430P, що стане ідеальним помічником у перших кроках...
Якщо ви творча особистість чи може просто вирішили опанувати нові графічні навички, то вам як художнику, варто мати планшет! Але в еру цифрових технологій і планшет художника змінив свій вигляд. Тепер він має можливість одразу оцифровувати...
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