Скористайтеся унікальною можливістю стати першими, хто отримає ексклюзивний доступ до плану спеціальних пропозицій Ajax – упродовж березня передові продукти зі знижкою 10 %!
From now on, the "Air Alert" application will send warnings about increased danger in certain cities and communities. In the updated version 6.0, a notification about the approach of a missile or an unmanned aerial vehicle will be...
2023 seemed to be a difficult year for Ukrainian business. Many organizations have tried to maintain the pace of growth by actively looking for new opportunities. However, Ajax Systems managed to stay on course for sustainable development,...
Please note: the update will be available in all regions within two weeks.
Ajax Systems launches pre-series production in Kyiv. New products will be assembled at the factory: TurretCam, BulletCam and DomeCam Mini video cameras, Ajax NVR video recorders, KeyPad TouchScreen keyboards and other devices.
One of the main features of FireProtect 2 is its dual-level detection system, which ensures detection of both visible and invisible thermal smoke. Additionally, built-in audible alarm and LED indicator provide immediate warning of...
The Ajax Outlet Jeweller is a modern wireless device that combines smart electrical device control and energy monitoring functions. This built-in F-type outlet is designed for European standards and provides reliable protection against...
To enhance security measures, the Department of Education and Science of Kyiv decided to replace the ineffective security with modern technical means and supplement it with the services of a professional security company. At the beginning...
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