Italian ARDESTO Bianco Vero dryers are a reliable assistant in laundry care

Home News Italian ARDESTO Bianco Vero dryers are a reliable assistant in laundry care

ARDESTO Bianco Vero DMI-8 dryers are available to order from ERC.

Reliable and high-quality dryer Bianco Vero DMI-8 is made in Italy according to strict European standards. The modern DMI-8 is equipped with a Heat-Pump with R290 refrigerant, which does not affect the environment. In addition, this dryer will help to significantly save electricity (class A++), while it can dry up to 8 kg of laundry in one cycle.

The level of residual humidity can be adjusted: from absolute dryness, so that you can immediately put things in the closet ("Wardrobe" function), to the most comfortable light humidity for ironing ("Easy Ironing" function). "Extradrying" is also provided, after which things can be put on immediately. Thanks to the function of reverse rotation, tangling and wrinkling of laundry is maximally impossible, and the special fast drying mode is optimal for users for whom every free minute is worth its weight in gold.

The large informative digital display of ARDESTO Bianco Vero dryer displays all information about current processes. Drum illumination is provided for convenience.

Bianco Vero model will fit well into almost any interior of the room: the white body made of durable material is varied with black elements.

With ARDESTO Bianco Vero DMI-8 dryer, you can forget about hanging wet laundry, because it will dry everything washed quickly and efficiently.


  • Heat-Pump;
  • PSC engine;
  • electronic control, digital display;
  • drum lighting;
  • 15 drying programs;
  • delayed start (1-24 hours);
  • "Easy Iron" function;
  • "Wardrobe" function;
  • "extra drying";
  • reverse rotation;
  • partial loading;
  • drying by time;
  • 2 years warranty.

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In a house where every day is full of worries and tasks, there must be a magician who will give moments of peace and harmony. The ARDESTO Bianco Vero DMI-8 heat pump tumble dryer is not just a device, but a real assistant that makes the dream of perfect care for your clothes come true. Made in Italy, this model is an example of a successful combination of elegance and innovation that promises not only gentle drying, but also time and energy savings.
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